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Psychosocial Hazard

Empowering workplaces to manage and mitigate
psychosocial hazards effectively.

Psychosocial Hazard

Empowering workplaces to manage and mitigate psychosocial hazards effectively.

About the Training

At Essential Training we consider Work Health and Safety from a holistic point of view. We specialise in customised health and safety training to support businesses in complying with safety and emergency preparedness legislation and workplace requirements. As an organisation that focuses on client-centric training and support, our mission is to provide quality training delivery with highly industry-experienced trainers capable of customising training content and delivery to meet your business needs. Our psychosocial hazards training is therefore tailored to support your business in the prevention and management of psychosocial hazards in the workplace.

Why is this Training Important for Workplaces?

Aligned with the new Safe Work Australia’s Code of Practice – ‘Psychosocial Hazards in the Workplace’, our training supports businesses to identify and combat psychosocial hazards in the workplace, such as work-related stress, bullying, harassment, and violence, that can significantly impact the mental and physical health and wellbeing of employees.

Addressing these hazards is not only a moral obligation but also a legal requirement under the Work Health and Safety Act 2020 (WHS Act). Failure to manage psychosocial hazards can not only result in severe penalties for businesses, including fines and legal action, but drastically impacts staff morale, job satisfaction, productivity, absenteeism, and overall welfare of your employees.

Benefits to your business

  • Ensure Legal Compliance: Align with the provisions of the WHS Act and the new Code of Practice – Psychosocial Hazards in the Workplace. This training provides practical guidance on how to comply with general and specific duties under the legislation.
  • Enhance Workplace Safety: Develop a proactive approach to identifying and managing psychosocial risks, contributing to a safer, healthier, and happier work environment.
  • Improve Employee Wellbeing: Foster a supportive workplace culture that prioritises mental health, reducing absenteeism, increasing productivity, and enhancing overall employee satisfaction.

The Positive Impacts of Psychosocial Hazard Training

  • Increased productivity and profitability: By reducing lost time and wasted revenue, managing incidents that arise.*
  • Reduced Workplace Incidents: Organisations that implement psychosocial hazard training report a decrease in workplace incidents related to stress, bullying, and harassment.
  • Increased Employee Retention: A supportive and safe work environment leads to higher employee satisfaction and retention rates, as workers feel valued and protected.
  • Enhanced Reputation: Companies that prioritise mental health and safety gain a reputation as responsible employers, attracting top talent and clients.

*According to the WorkSafe Report (2024) outlining the top 20 workplace hazards in Australia, psychosocial incidents and claims have contributed to over 4,630 lost years and $890 million in lost revenue over the past decade.

Investing in psychosocial hazard training is a strategic move for any organisation committed to creating a safe, happy, healthy, and compliant workplace. By equipping employees and management with the knowledge and tools to manage psychosocial risks, businesses can ensure a healthier, more productive, and legally compliant workplace.

Training Options

We have a variety of options to support your business and assist with a proactive approach to adhere to the WHS legislation and new Code of Practice.

Customised Half Day Workshop

Delivered by experienced facilitators, this workshop provides practical guidance on complying with WHS legislation, ideal for smaller groups with a general understanding of mental health awareness and psychosocial hazards.

  • Certificate of Completion provided
  • Can be delivered onsite or at Essential Training campus in East Perth

Customised Full Day Workshop

An in-depth program covering the same content as the half day workshop but in more detail, suitable for larger groups or personnel without prior mental health awareness training.

  • Certificate of Completion provided
  • Can be delivered onsite or at Essential Training campus in East Perth

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding the Code of Practice – Psychosocial Safety in the Workplace
  • Recognising obligations and responsibilities of PCBUs
  • Identifying the importance of managing psychosocial hazards at work
  • Understanding responsibilities for managing psychosocial hazards
  • Recognising who is at risk
  • Identifying work-related psychosocial hazards and risk factors
  • Overview of risk management approach
  • Completing a Psychosocial Risk Assessment
  • Reporting and responding to reports

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)

Industry accredited training delivered as a blended course with online theory and a half day practical workshop, designed to reduce staff downtime while providing comprehensive mental health first response training.

  • Certificate of Completion and industry-recognised certification
  • Can be delivered onsite or at Essential Training campus in East Perth

Mental Health Awareness and Well-being Workshops

A half day course focusing on mental health issues in the workplace, delivered by mental health experts addressing common workplace issues and how to refer to external support services.

  • Certificate of Completion provided
  • Can be delivered onsite or at Essential Training campus in East Perth

Learning Outcomes

  • Identifying mental health issues or work-related psychosocial hazards
  • Identify hidden risk factors caused by mental health issues
  • Recognising and dealing with a range of mental issues
  • Equipping you better understanding and knowledge of how to assist in a mental health crises
  • Enhancing your knowledge on recommendations and treatments available
  • Providing first response strategies to support individuals experiencing mental health challenges or crises
  • Understanding your own mental wellbeing and signs/symptoms relating to stress and/or anxiety

*These learning outcomes are general in nature based on our standard workshop content, however, key points covered can be customised to suit your business/industry needs.


On successful completion of the course, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion outlining the training content covered.

*Participants successfully completing the full mental health first aid course have the opportunity to register to become an industry-accredited and recognised Mental Health First Aider.


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