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Warden & Fire Safety
Workshop Series!


Warden & Fire Safety
Workshop Series!




Don’t let fire safety be a mystery—unlock the secrets with our expert training!

Course Information

This training has been designed specifically with small businesses in mind to be able to equip your team with the required fire safety knowledge and emergency preparedness training, when paying for group workplace training sessions for just 1-2 people just isn’t viable.

Our Warden Training and Fire Safety Training workshop content has been carefully designed by real life Emergency Responders to ensure current and compliant training is delivered to course participants who are nominated Wardens/Fire Wardens or Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) members in their workplace.

In adherence to the Australian Standards (AS3745-2010) this personnel must complete regular training to ensure their knowledge and skills are current and applicable for their workplace.


If you need cost-effective & time-saving training…
…this is for you!

An ideal training solution for smaller businesses or offices with minimal staff.

Benefits from our
workshop series

  • Fast-track your fire safety knowledge
    Learn the essentials quickly and efficiently
  • Condensed training to suit busy schedule
    Fit fire safety training into your workday.
  • Refresh or learn new vital fire safety skills
    Enhance your confidence with our comprehensive training.
  • Fun, practical, hands-on sessions
    Engaging and interactive course material.
  • Certificate of completion included
    Be certified with compliant training.
  • Complies with Australian Standards (AS3745-2010)
    Assisting you to meet all regulatory requirements.
  • Delivered by current emergency responders
    Gain insights from experienced professionals on the front line.
  • All materials & resources included
    Documentation and real fire extinguishers provided.
  • Central city location
    Convenient and accessible for everyone.
  • Affordable, high-quality training
    Value for money, competitively priced workshops.

Next intake scheduled for:
02/07/2024 – Tuesday

Warden Workshop

o Warden / ECO roles & responsibilities
o Liaising with emergency services
o Risk / Hazard identification
o Effective communication for emergency management
o Evacuation protocols with simulated practical activities

$99 per person

Fire Safety Workshop

o Fire & smoke hazards
o Types & uses of extinguishers
o Best practices in fire safety
o HANDS-ON PRACTICE with real extinguishers!

$99 per person

Both workshops

o Warden Workshop content
o Fire Safety Workshop content
o Same day training
o Special discount

$180 per person

Our workshops are conducted in small groups enabling contextualised content and discussions on relevant scenarios relating to your organisation’s systems in place

Warden Workshops* include condensed yet comprehensive information to prepare for a fire/smoke related emergency or evacuation, covering the required roles and responsibilities of the various ECO members. A simulated scenario and/or a full walk-through evacuation practical activity is conducted as part of the training session.

*Warden Workshops content is updated every six months to ensure new information is provided for participants wishing to undertake six-monthly training to comply with emergency planning preparation within the Australian Standards.  

Fire Safety Workshops cover vital information on fire/smoke threats and the various extinguisher types and their use. This session is designed to be fun, engaging and includes hands-on use of real fire extinguishers!

For Wardens/Chief Wardens or ECO members, it is ideal to complete both workshops to ensure all required emergency response training has been completed to enhance the safety measures in your workplace. Participants can attend the warden workshop only every six months to comply with the Australian standards by maintaining currency of their knowledge and skills.